Might an e-commerce bubble be about to burst. Any observations supporting this?

Besides many hats i wear as an entrepreneur, I am a professional trader for more than 20 years. One of the money makers that never failed me is the random guy indicator: Hoped on a taxi and the driver is trading/checking equities from his mobile or you hear two random construction workers bragging about the 5% they made on $TSLA or your long lost friend of a friend reaches out to ask for stock tips… that’s it… unplug the PC and run away from the stock market… So a random guy’s enthusiast towards a risky business has always been a contra-indicator for me.

Today my sister in law called and she told me that she has an appointment with someone and she might start an Amazon business!!!

It turned out that the guys she had meeting with were 18, no prior experience in any other business, running an software which i didn’t fully get (sounded like a service which enables you to arb. someone else’s shop. no brand, no inventory, etc.), trading capital less than 7k$…

If this is not a clear indication of a market top/bubble/cyclical extreme/… i know nothing : ))

The experts of the industry: do you observe any indication of over heating? Any early warnings that small/mid sized e-commerce businesses should be aware of?

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