Best tool for enquiry, quote, order, booking and feedback

A friend has recently identified an underserved niche so we're doing some viability assessment at the moment (Lean canvas) to consider whether to spin up a small prototype to see if it has legs.

I'm fairly experienced in the digital and technology side of things and I'm currently just doing a bit of research to identify the relative pluses and minuses of the various tools. e.g. Shopify, Woo, Magento, CommerceCloud etc. I could build a site myself and integrate various pieces in but I'd prefer to keep it one solution rather than integrating disparate tools and/or plugins together if possible.

The customer journey is fairly straightforward:

  1. Usual enquiry via brochure site and product catalogue
  2. Enquiry to generate a quote
  3. Purchase to generate an order and accompanying invoice and receipt
  4. Schedule a delivery and installation time (based on an availability calendar)
  5. Installation job assigned and completed
  6. QA inspection job assigned and completed
  7. Customer satisfaction feedback

From what I can tell, Shopify will handle steps 1-3 quite easily and even some of the other steps via plugins/add-ins although I'm trying to avoid having to purchase too many disparate plugins/add-ins. Shopify Flow looks useful in defining workflows but it's only available to Shopify Plus subscribers.

So what I need is…

  • The ability to associate an installation time duration (e.g. 45 minutes) with each product
  • The ability to trigger an installation booking request on a successful order
  • The ability to trigger a QA inspection booking request on a successful installation
  • The ability to trigger a feedback request on a successful QA inspection

If the project proceeds, we'll definitely keep it super simple to begin with (i.e. handle steps 4 onwards manually) so no worries there. I'm just trying to get a sense of whether there's any out of the box product which will do all of the above (this is the preference) or whether custom dev and/or integration is looking likely, that's all. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any useful tips. Thank you!

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