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Hi all,

I’m working on a pocket square business and my shopify store is going live in 2 weeks. I’ve been running an instagram and am wondering what else I should be doing to generate initial interest other than of course staying consistent on the instagram account.

So far i’ve got the following going on:

  • Following tons of followers of similar brands
  • Shared to my personal and had the artist I work with share as well
  • Commenting and engaging on posts with relevant hashtags
  • Posting pictures regularly, and stories
  • Giveaway that involved tagging friends. I promoted the giveaway which brought lots of comments, but store is not live yet which may have been a misstep, just trying to build followers for now
  • sponsored a post with pictures of my samples

Any advice on additional things I should be doing? I’ve reached out to a few influencers between 5k and 40k followers to send free product to once it’s in and I’m going to include cards in the orders asking for buyer photos.

Please let me know your recommendations!! Insta is @thepocket_project

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