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Hey guys,

I have spent the last 6 months building a shopify website from scratch. I have also been making each of the designs for products. I am new to the design world and only have an intermediate grasp on the design process. Currently I would say I am 90% done with this process. I would like to know if my products look professional enough to launch to the public. I am slightly concerned that the theme of my products is slightly cluttered. My main intention is to put words of wisdom on a t-shirt or hoodie in a captivating way. I am happy to embrace a diversity of designs as long as they make sense to be together. I would also be very grateful for any advice or criticisms regarding the feel and design of the website. It is my goal to make an extremely professional looking product as well as having an extremely smooth and professional buying platform. As the holiday season approaches us, I would like to go public as soon as possible, however I do not want to go live with a service that does not seem extremely legitimate. If anyone has any advice regarding important aspects my website must have before being ready to launch please let me know as they would be greatly appreciated.

My website is

Nothing is currently in stock though the store is live so if you purchase a product you will not receive it until there is inventory in stock (which will be soon)

Thank you for your time and for your advice.

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