Anyone open to checking out my site for further optimization tips ?

What’s good “Gurus”, lol.

I’m 4 months post launch and only recently started getting more traction on my POD pet niche site.

FB ads aside (which I’m also optimizing), let’s assume that the right audience is coming to my store. What else can I do to further optimize the whole process?

I currently have majority of the technical aspects in place. Including technically sounds pages, checkout process, ajax cart, urgency and credibility banners, messages and pop ups. Forms for lead collection, email marketing and flows in place. Decent mock-ups. Decent collections etc

I’d love some more tips from the seasoned vets here or anyone who experienced enough to recognize what else could be implemented.

If you’re open to checking out my store, leave a comment and I’ll pm you the site.

Thanks ! Have a great Q4 y’all

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