Review my e-commerce site. Potential release the app as SASS?

Hey guys,

I have been running this site for a while now. Market is in Vietnam, niche is beauty & cosmetics. We carry mostly branded products. However we are thinking to move into OEM in beauty or in home decor. The site is at Please take a look (use google translate as it's in Vietnamese) and I'd love to hear some feedback.

Now the interesting part (I think) is the core stack. As a developer myself, I have been building this e-commerce stack from scratch in python, and optimize it for in-place editing, SEO, automating tasks because other platforms (shopify, woocommerce etc) are drag-drop and require too much hand-tweaking on a daily basis.

Some highlights:

– Regular ecommerce stuffs: brand, product category, product, support for multiple stores, collections, user accounts, blog posts, reviews

– Flash sale: auto reset basket of products and their prices at midnight (of course keeping minimum 10% profit margin)

– In-place product editor: admins can edit any product's content, stock, price, images, reviews anywhere on the site without going into admin panel > search.

– Multiple affiliate links support for product, click-to-see links.

– Auto sync stocks & prices across marketplaces (currently shopee as I sell there)

– Batch insert customer reviews

– Price modification tool: view as table (with filter, sort) original price, sales price, cost, % margin, discounts and modify them in bulk

With that being said, I think the stack solves some pretty common problems when operating a dropship or affiliate e-commerce store. Do you guys think I should sell it as a sass (like shopify)?

Some screenshots (I dont know how to post images here :-/)

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