What have copywriters done to help you make more money?

To be clear – this post is NOT me fishing for clients! I'm genuinely looking for answers.

TL;DR – what do ecom business owners like you need copywriters for most? E.g. Landing pages, or emails or something else entirely? What type of copy makes you the most money?

I'm a copywriter who's spent 5 years in ad agencies, and the last year and a half working for a Direct To Consumer supplement company.

I recently handed in my notice to go freelance and to move into more of an ecommerce direction, and to work with products I care more about /believe in more.

I have some pretty solid sales chops (my copy has sold multiple 7-figures worth of products) which is what I'm trying to focus on, since that's probably my most valuable skill and the most useful to business owners, but I thought it would be useful to understand exactly what copy people like you guys need.

So what exactly does your business need a copywriter for?

My intention was to focus on landing pages, upsell pages and emails since that most closely fits to my experience so far.

I wanted to know if I'm heading in the right direction with this before reaching out to the businesses I've been prospecting, because maybe there's an area that I'm missing completely?

Have you hired sales focused copywriters before? What was the highest leverage stuff you hired them for? What copy has someone written for you that has made you the most money?

I don't want to muck about doing content posts or anything like that, I want to be writing copy that directly and measurably increases a business owners bottom line.

Thanks in advance – and in return for your kindness, I'd be happy to answer any copy questions you might have in the comments to the best of my abilities

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