Customer Admitted to Filling Fraudulent Chargeback Bank Sided in Their Favor

Just as the title says! Had a customer order $500 worth of products and requested a return 21 days past the end of the return window. She and her family proceeded with leaving fake reviews on all platforms and then finally filing a "refund not received" chargeback with their bank. The customer stated in an email that she filed the chargeback to "get our attention" and that evidence along with all the other email exchanges as well as were submitted as evidence with the return policy. Fast forward 2 months and her bank sided with them which came to my surprise. All uploaded information was sent through Shopify.

Does anyone have any experience on how to move forward with this? I have never encountered any issue like this. Is there a contact at Visa that I should get ahold of to appeal the decision? or go straight to small claims court?

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