Facebook Ads – Can somebody explain this?

Hey guys – this has been stumping me for quite some time, so I figured I would drop by here to see if anyone has any insight. Please note, this pertains to Facebook ads.

Below is the data for two different ads I am currently running in the same adset.

Ad 1: Spend – $1,247.31. Add to Carts – 113. Landing Page Views – 1,562.

Ad 2: Spend – $62.35. Add to Carts – 2. Landing Page Views – 1,527.

Advertisement 1 is a UGC ad while advertisement 2 is a funny ad that gets a ton of engagement and clearly a lot of click through.

This is jut a small sample size, but Ad 2 has spent thousands of dollars and the results were consistent with what you see above (i.e. high landing page views and low purchases relative to traffic.)

Keep in mind, these two ads are pointing to the same product and the same landing page. Is the ad performing so well that it is attracting people who engage and think it's entertaining as opposed to taking the specific action (conversion campaign with purchase objective)?

I have tested this in broad audiences, lookalikes, stacked lookalikes, interests, etc. and it always has insane landing page traffic but significantly less desired action. Thanks so much guys!

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