Guide/Tips for creating a MVP with wordpres + woocommerce?

Some context: This is the first time I am creating a website. I am building an online e-commerce store for my business. I am not trying to build just an eCommerce website, each product will also have an in-depth review and overview of the product. Some of the Features and Functionality the website will have:

· Toy Library (My business is about educational toys for kids and adults)

· Online Store

· Blogging

· Rental Option

· Services Booking and Reservations

Along with other plugins and functionalities required for a good website. I am in the process of hiring a web dev agency for the development of the website, but before hiring one, I would personally like to built a MVP on wordpres/woocommerce.

So any advice/tips or guides or video links to help install WordPress using cPanel/web host and to get started would be helpful.

Have already registered domain with Godaddy. Also looking to transfer the domain to Namecheap or Google Domains.


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