Please Help me find a niche within the “toys” space OR offer advice!

Here's the deal Reddit community.

About 2 months ago I launched what I thought would be a trendy (dropshipped from Aliexpress) toy store on Shopify. I'm leveraging Oberlo for importing products. I purchased the first few products I added to the store AND I took product photos for customizing. I was planning to also get a few videos to add to some of my "platinum" products. The issue right now is that the store was up and running for just over a month. Through the use of Adwords AND Facebook Ads I was able to hit about 1200 pageviews but I did not get one single sale. I'm now concerned that I haven't really identified a solid niche and that's causing me to doubt the products altogether. I've had a few people take a look at the store on other threads and they seem to say that the design could use work AND / OR the products are a dime a dozen and can be easily sourced on Amazon for cheaper than my site. (hence my feeling like the products are not great and I niche down more).

I feel like I'm stabbing in the dark trying to identify a niche that I both have passion for AND will net some kind of profit in the long term AND will not directly compete in some way with Amazon. I have the funds to ride out the storm so to speak so I'm not concerned about that but more that I'm throwing money at a project that I should either let fail fast OR pivot on.

Any advice here?

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