[Shopify] lots of abandoned checkouts after switching from WordPress

Hey all, I could reallyyyyy use some help! Last Saturday I switched a client over to a new Shopify site I built for them. Their previous site was very outdated and ran on WordPress, but was still pulling in a good amount of organic sales.

Since the swap, the bounce rate has gone down 14% and the amount of visits has remained the same BUT.. the abandoned checkouts are very high. I've had large volumes of abandoned carts in the past, but never this many abandoned checkouts… 33 since the swap. Only a few sales have gone through completely.

I'm currently using a heatmap app (Lucky Orange) to review but it only seems to record up to the cart page, not checkout. Last night I reduced the amount of payment options in hopes that this may lessen the confusion when checking out. The old wordpress site had a single-page checkout, which is not going to be possible without a Plus membership. Could the express payments be causing confusion, seeing how the previous site did not have them? This is primarily an older demographic.

Much appreciated ❤️

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