Best Original Design Manufacturing e-commerce courses/masterminds?

Would like to get into private label/ODM e-commerce business and sell my own product via a website that I own and maybe Amazon.

To get everything rolling, I’m willing to pay for knowledge.

Looking for a mastermind type of group with weekly Q&A’s, support, courses/content, and a tight network of motivated entrepreneurs.

After a bit of research the following two programs seemed interesting:

  • EcomCrew
  • Enter China Accelerate
  • MorphoMFG

(Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post urls)

Does anyone have experience with any of these programs? Would you recommend/not recommend?

Or perhaps you know a similar program that you’d recommend? (One with Q&A’s, support, courses, community, etc. to launch your own unique product.)

Every comment is much appreciated! 🙂

P.S. Not looking for something that is specifically tailored towards Amazon FBA, as I think the model is flawed. But looking to create a product, brand it, and sell it on my own website (and maybe Amazon.)

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