Does anyone here have experience with membership sites? Would $30/month be too high for a tight-knit community with tons of events and activities, info, lives etc.?

I'm thinking of providing a $29.70/month self-help membership program, and incentivize people to buy courses by selling one course for FREE, if they buy a 6-month membership, so basically $197 in total. And then having 3 courses in total that I sell. I'm also thinking of creating an exclusive weekly book club for $19.70 per month, and the more loyal they are, the better rank and deals they get.

I'd never charge higher because $30 is my ethical line, personally of an amount that I personally feel is fair based on my research, for consumers long-term. But, is $30 still too high? How does it come off as a consumer? I have a cult-following, but with value-based pricing and my target audience, I could probably sell much higher, but I don't feel comfortable doing that.

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