Long term path to grow multiple businesses – What are the options?

Hello ladies and gentlemen's, I hope you are having a great day.

I have a question regarding the different path to grow my businesses. I have gained a pretty good knowledge about PHP, MYSQL, HTML coding and creating web server from scratch using templates etc.

Recently, I tried the Magento 2 CMS on a web server. It is totally different in a way that my coding is pretty useless. Most of Magento is to learn how to use blocks, layout and shit. It offer a very great back end GUI tho. !!

Here is my situation : I have two ecommerce businesses and my goal is to make different website for each of them. I can make both code front end and back end. I have knowledge. It won't be super sophisticated by it could do the job. Also, time is NO issue to me.

I could also not use my php, mysql and html knowledge but instead use Magento CMS tool instead and start from there.

Here is my question : What is the best possible option for me? Make from scratch or learn to use Magento 2? Also, would there be any other better option than those two?

Thank you. Here is my criteria:

  1. Best possible control on everything ( front end, backend)
  2. Cheap, low cost, high scalability
  3. Preferably, I could start learning my chosen method and go on a long run with it

Thanks again, hope you all can give me a path. There will be probably more than 2 ecommerce's in the long run too. 🙂

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