Whenever you’re trying to drive traffic to your site via organic Instagram, make sure your posts have standalone value.

Whether you’re promoting products or blog posts to your followers, never treat Instagram purely as a promotional tool. Don’t post just to say “new blog post, link in bio!”

Why? Because when people are in Instagram browsing mode, their attention spans are short. They’re not—in general—looking for in-depth content that forces them to actually use their brains. This means that most of your followers will just scroll past your post without engaging with it, since they neither want to read a whole article, nor are they getting anything out of the post itself. And we all know what Instagram’s algorithm does with low engagement posts.

Yes, some people will click through to read your blog post, if it’s well targeted and interesting enough, but you’re limiting your reach with a low quality Instagram post. This means that you won’t even give most people the chance to click on anything, since they won’t see the Instagram post on their feed.

The right way to do it is to make the Instagram post have standalone value too.

Say you’re selling houseplants for people, and you want to tell your audience about how recent findings show that an urban jungle in your apartment helps with stress. You've decided to write a blog post about it, to cover the whole topic.

Here’s what your Instagram post caption could say:

“Alisa says that ever since she filled her living room with plants, she has felt noticeable more relaxed at home. She’s even sleeping better. Take a look at Alisa’s lovely green living room.

Recent findings actually prove that plants reduce stress. If you want to read more about what kind of effects plants have on stress and your mental health, read our newest blog post on the matter. Link in bio.”

You're showing a photo of someone's home, filled with houseplants, and putting a story to it. Now the Instagram post has standalone value, which not only makes more people interested in reading the whole post but also gives the post much better reach.

Think of the blog post as an extension of the Instagram post. Something that people can read if they want to dive deeper into the subject.

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