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Hey guys,

Im moving my business from B2C to B2B, so far stock management has been quite straight forward and simple. But for my B2B entrepreneurship I have decided to form a different team and separate it from the main business, B2C.

The problem is that we are travelling for B2B and we need to keep track of stock, prices from different providers and if possible in Spanish and English since we can accommodate both. The problem I have is that I would like to keep track of both businesses. Since we sell the same products integrating them would not be a problem but I would need a good stock management tool. It would also be a plus of it were able to talk with woocommerce

It doesn't have to be free or cheap but it would nice for it to be cost effective since I'm not taking any money from the other business and using my own saved up money for this purpose. .

I know it is a lot but I've been having trouble finding the right one in the massive pile of them and some of the better ones are not cheap and honestly not cost effective.

Not sure if you guys would know of any? Thanks

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