Modular Bin Racking Systems – Apparel

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for recommendations on modular bins, or how you manage various sized goods. We handle blankets, enamel pins/other small trinkets, headwear, jackets, tees, etc.

The bulk of our inventory is apparel which goes into our main boxes which are mainly 12 x 12 x 20". We do run reporting and identify boxes with one or two units, we'll then transfer the inventory to a smaller box which I think is 6 x 12" deep – but we currently do not have anything smaller than that and it's driving me insane.

One small pin? Hey let's use all this space for it!

I've thought about purchasing wall mounted bin systems. Here's an example:

I can't find the width I need, which is 42" wide (as wide as our racking). The idea would be to mount it directly to the racking at the end of each row, then have various bin sizes that we'll order as needed. Super small ones for small trinkets, small units for single tees, medium units for one hoodie, etc etc.

We also use a bin + barcode system, just noting this as we'll need to label each bin.

I'm curious to hear how other people are managing these smaller items 🙂

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