Completely New and Completely Overwhelmed

I'll attempt to make this as concise as possible, for the sake of sanity!

I would like to open an online shop. The desire started recently, when I was looking to buy a planner. I'm pretty straight-forward when it comes to my planning: clean lines, simplicity, none of the extra fluff. But every planner I found was so… Obnoxious. So many pages I'd never use – daily affirmations, password pages (who writes that stuff down!?), contacts, feel-good "You got this!" boss-girl stuff… It bothers me. Its irritating. I couldn't find something that I wanted, so I actually took a simple PDF and had it made into a spiral-bound planner at the UPS Store.

I figured… There's gotta be more people like me out there; people who dont want those pages we never use, who just want simplistic, minimalist type products. So I thought I could create that.

My first issue is WHERE to sell. Obviously it's a start up, so the money to be paying high fees just isnt there yet. My first thought was Etsy, but I plan on using third-party companies to produce/ship to reduce inventory/overhead; I'm awaiting confirmation that this is allowed. But I also want to know what other platforms are good that wont cost me a ton right out the gate but are still recognized and trusted.

Is it better to go with a platform? Build your own site? What's the most economical and practical option? Do I need to buy a domain (for now or reserve for potential later use)? If so, what's the best route with that? What about web hosting? What apps can be integrated for seamless ordering/fulfillment/shipping?

I work full-time from home and I'm a single parent. I want it to be as uncomplicated as possible, but still be able to produce some extra income. I dont expect to be making thousands of dollars; even if its just enough to pay for my daughter to do something she wants, like gymnastics or dance, I'll be happy.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can take me under their wing, explain things, guide me, and help me get this thing off the ground.

Thanks in advance!

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