Which Colour Palette Scheme Is Preferred? New Ecommerce Business

HI guys,

If I was starting a Beauty related brand which of the following Colour palette schemes do you guys visually prefer? Just looking to get a bit of "straw poll" help from everybody. I have my own preference of course but curious to see if what I think aligns with how most others see it.

Thanks for voting – it absolutely helps another e-commerce owner get another project off the ground. I've ordered samples from various contract manufacturers and now I'm at the Colour Picking stage. After testing of the various product offerings is done then will come label/custom boxing creation etc etc etc.

If anybody is interested in me doing a regular post about "How to start a business from ground 0" feel free to reply and let me know if that might interest anybody. This will be a business that will cost me 7-10K or a tad more to get off the ground just FYI so the level of detail and effort I'll be going into will be at the higher end of the spectrum.

(Note: this will be my 3rd business with the other 2 having been ridiculously successful)

1) Vibrant

2) Modern

3) Modern Fem

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