Ads are much more than Targeting Options.

Hey guys,

I've seen so many advertisers think that they need to perfect their targeting, ad sets, etc to improve their results.

Which to an extent is true, but it can only take you so far.

There's one variable that truly impacts your ad performance, i.e. your messaging/creatives and copy.

I run a marketing agency in India, and I've started working with international clients as well.

Many of these clients have seen a drop off with their results over the years, when they come to me, they say that their ads are not working, and they think it's Facebook's fault, or they need better targeting options.

But the truth is most of the times their businesses need only little improvement with their ad strategy and targeting.

The main improvement comes from working on their messaging and creatives. As soon as we changed their creatives, they've seen amazing growth with their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), sometimes even more that 150%.

(We also helped improve their targeting, which can be a contributor to this growth as well)

But the question is, why are the results dropping off?

  • It's no secret that Facebook/Instagram Ads is getting saturated day-by-day, and the more advertisers there are, the more expensive CPC you'll get.
  • People are also getting numbed to the same old/average ads, so having good creatives and messaging helps you stop their scroll.

So as you move forward, I implore you to focus more on creatives as well.

Some tips to improve your creatives:- – Make it more simple: People have less time to watch what you're selling, so keep it quick and respect their time – Focus on your copy:- The image will stop the person, but the copy is what truly will sell your ad, and make them click on your link. – Keep it fresh:- When you see your results drop off, change your creatives and messaging again-n-again.

If you guys are getting good results, chances are that you have good creatives and copy, kudos to you, keep improving 🙂

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