How can I take my business to the next level?

Hey everyone!

About a year ago, I started a religious e-commerce business.

I focus on posting as much content as possible and leveraging it with products.

I have grown to 85k followers on Instagram (my main focus) and I have my own software community where I can bring 1k real followers to whatever I want essentially. This is just quick and valuable traffic.

I sell almost all of my products on Etsy. My best sellers are the jewelry that I make (I hit best seller on Etsy).

I also sell print on demand products. These don’t do too well (maybe one sell every other week), but I see potential in this since I don’t have to carry an inventory. I use mock ups for the marketing images.

I understand what I’m explaining is vague, but I’m trying to take everything to the next level.

I’ve been trying to apply for part time jobs, so I can have a consistent income to scale this business – but jobs are scarce. I apply to about 10 jobs a week and haven’t heard back from anyone yet.

So, my questions are:

I have a winning product, do I try to scale this product or find more winning products?

To increase my sales on print on demand, do I need to start ordering my shirts and hoodies for better marketing pictures? Or should I continue using mock ups.

What are ways for me to be more consistent in sales?

I understand what I’m explaining is vague, but I’m hoping to get some advice that can be applied to my business. I’ve been teaching myself everything along the way, so maybe there’s something out there to keep things more consistent.

Thank you everyone!

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