I make a few sales a day on hand-made products, but I can’t seem to make any sales on my clothing.

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to scale my store further, but I’m having difficulty making sales on my merch.

I’m in the religious niche and I see my competitors killing it with the clothing merch.

I have a winning product that brings me in a few organic sales per day ($6 profit on each, so it isn’t much).

I’ve been using print on demand and using decent looking mock-ups to market the clothing designs.

I basically make a “rendition” of the top selling designs. I make about 1 sale a month.

I have 85k followers on Instagram and I use the shop function to sell my products along with Etsy. I must be doing something wrong, especially if I see competitors doing really well in clothing merch sales.

I’m just looking for more ideas on how I can expand my store. I feel like clothing was the way to go, but it seems to not work too well.

Just looking for vague or intricate advice to try!

Thank you so much!!

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