Private label – order of operations?

I’m itching to start a private label business, but even though I’ve thought out how I want to brand the product, how I want to advertise, where I might source from, I keep running into one central question: what’s the most effective “order of operations”?

Say I want to start a clothing brand, selling idk vests. Cool vests, in a cut that doesn’t exist that I know people will likely love. I find someone willing to source (the hurdle for the first moq isn’t low, since this is a new cut in a decent quality fabric).

Is it best to advertise first and build up a following (e.g. Instagram page or Facebook ads that link to preorders) or to take the additional gamble of stocking first and then advertising?

If the former, how long would you recommend advertising for?

For those who have gone through this before, how do you decide your very first order quantity – do you take the plunge on a larger manufacturer’s moq, or do you order from a smaller close by place that can do smaller quantities at a much higher price?

I know this is likely something I won’t have to worry about, but what if you immediately sell out because you underestimated demand or lucked out – does the time it take to restock hurt that demand/customer perception of your product value?

Any and all insight would be appreciated – I’m not sure I trust all the gurus out there.

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