Intermediate to Advanced ecommerce website development?


I have built 2 sites by myself, a company website and an e-commerce store using WordPress and Woocommerce. I learnt quite a bit in the process, but I don't know what to learn next.

I feel like there is a huge gap between what I know now, and what it takes to make some truly beautiful sites (like those you see if you google "top ecommerce website designs 2020").

Some people approach me to make a website for them, but I feel like a scammer. Because its just a theme, and some plugins.

This is what I learnt and used so far:

For layout – I used Ocean WP, Elementor Pro, and some custom CSS from youtube tutorials.

For content – I wrote my own copy, edited stock images in Photoshop, and drew illustrations in Illustrator.

For speed – I used WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize (minify), Async JavaScript. Also, lazy load and local storage of fonts.

For loading speed score – I improved things like DNS lookups, Expires headers etc. to get that A on GTmetrix and Pingdom. (the only thing I didn't use is CDN, because the sites are targeted at just 1 city).

My Google PageSpeed Insights score is average for desktop and below average for mobile. I spent a lot of time but couldn't achieve a higher score.

For SEO – I used free Yoast and optimised product pages with 1000+ word descriptions, keywords and alt-text.

For Google Search – I wrote and posted "articles" on some news sites of local towns with links to my site to boost search rank. Now most of my product pages rank on the 1st page of google search.

For Woocommerce – I used Astra theme(I read its faster than Ocean because it doesn't use jquery). did a lot of custom CSS to fix broken checkout, cart pages. Also, got familiar with php snippets and child themes.

For Ads – I do FB/IG/Google ads and monitor traffic with MonsterInsights.

What is my next step?

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