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Hi everyone,

I've written and published an ebook on Amazon about songwriting. The ebook has very few text, mostly infographics, tables. It is more like a toolbox that songwriters can keep with them to check music theory. The problem is how to promote it? My idea was: creating a blog about songwriting with exercises using my book to prove its utility. Does it sound like a good idea?

So now, I realise that I have to promote my blog AND my ebook…

Do you think I should give up this idea and focus on promoting only the ebook and if yes how? Should I focus on the blog? Both?

I've tried to promote via Facebook groups but posts got banned because no promotion is allowed. I've just managed to have 4 people testing my book by having a free sample against a form about what they liked/disliked, what price would be good etc. I've made few corrections after this as people seemed to find it useful

So my niche is songwriters. What should I go from there?

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