High Ticket Product – What do you think?


I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions:

Business Model: Selling low-maintenance wood plastic composite fences online (no installation)

We already have a warehouse that prepares the orders for us in a different state. They also do the installation but that is not our goal at the beginning.

Vision: Create a system that sells without hiring/building Sales Teams. We will have a customer service team and chats available. What we are looking for is to create a website to allow customers to build orders within minutes. Basically, we will start with just a few colors (best-sellers) and a handful of modifications that can be made. Tesla sells cars within 5 minutes – I figured, we can sell fences for your home online.


1) How to build a website that allows creating a custom order as mentioned above? Where to host it?

2) How to accept $10k+ payments without paying >5% in fees?

– we can accept a deposit only and get paid via wire transfer before shipping out the product. That could work too.

What are your ideas and thoughts?


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