I became webshop administrator for a company. They want me to grow a business from scratch.

Hello everyone,

Long story short; I got hired last August as a webshop administrator/graphic designer/social media guy for a oil & lubricants company. The job requirement was that I had to design social media posts and upload new items to the webshop and so on.

So here's the catch and what bothers me about this job:

– My boss expects this webshop to run like Amazon.
– The webshop never has been public announced before and basically had to be started from scratch.
– I had to create the webshop as a seperate business not linked to his current business, which makes it extremely difficult to find clients or gain people's trust with a company no one ever heard of…

So I'm not only maintaining a webshop here.. I'm basically starting a company from 0 and have to find clients online and he's expecting orders to come in..

So far the webshop has been "announced" for like 3 weeks. 1 order came in from my facebook spam. And this week I have been running a facebook add with 15k reach and 100 clicks but not a single order.

What the hell am I suppose to do? It wouldve been x2000 times easier to setup a webshop for his current oil business which has a name and reputation, and clients. Yet he's too stubborn to agree on that and wants something "bigger"/new from scratch.

The atmosphere and stuff is great here but it feels annoying to keep telling him everyday no single order came in.

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