Looking for an App that would help with tracking Order Status.

Hi Guys,

We use Shopify, Etsy & Amazon and we're really struggling to track the progress of orders. We do personalized products so there's quite a few steps more than usual products.

For example, we have a designer who works remotely so we communicate via Email/IG regarding corrections and sending recieving orders. But this is tiring and it'd be great if we had a portal/app they could log on to, to see what orders need doing and what corrections (if any) need to be made. So we can make comments under each order.

We just generally need to know what stage an order is at. Etsy is ok because it allows us to have order steps, and I'm sure there'll be a Shopify app but I'd like one that can do it for all of them.

I don't mind if it doesnt connect with Shopify+Amazon+Etsy, we can do manual data entry thats fine. Just a place to track order progress and add comments/corrections. I know one exists, I just have no idea what it's called that I'm looking for, CRM maybe? I've no idea.

Appreciate any reccomendations!

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