Do you ever not know which page on your site to link to?

Odd question I know. I have been working on an online service and now I'm questioning if it actually has any value for eCommerce stores (promise I'm not promoting it, it doesn't exist yet).

What my service would let you do it create a "smart link" which you can load with multiple links to your site, ex. Prod Page A, Prod Page B, Prod List, comparison page between Prod A and B, homepage, etc. You can then share that one smart link via social, email, in ads, wherever you want, and as visitors hit your link they will be divided between the pages. These visitors will then be monitored to see if they convert (via a script on your site and setup conversion events). The links will use a light machine learning to learn which page is the most likely to convert your users and start redirecting more people to that page over the others, increasing your conversion rate.

I was excited by the idea because it's dead simple for users, just add links and start sharing. But now I'm concerned that there is never actually a point where you won't know exactly which page to share, as in if you're sharing a picture of Product A you're going to link to Product A, you don't need a "smart link" to help you there.

Is there any use cases where you can see my service being valuable?

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