Google Merchant Shipping Issue

I have a bit of a situation. Our shop (WooCommerce) has multiple vendors, so there are multiple shipping from addresses. We have overcome this with Dokan and we use Storepep for our shipping rates and zones as some vendors offer flat rate shipping, others full rate and others a flat rate for local deliveries and a flat rate for international shipping. We have a feed that pulls through the products into Google merchant perfectly. But our issue is with the shipping zones. The pro feed only pulls shipping zones from the WooCommerce shipping zone and with Storepep it doesn't sync it to there.

For example:

  • One of the brands has free shipping

  • Another brand shipping works out with normal DHL shipping rate

  • Another brand has free shipping to spain but a flar rate shipping to the rest of the world etc

How would I be able to sync this in Google Merchant?

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