Random advice from an e-commerce veteran

A had a few lessons to share over my decade in ecommerce that might help a few people.

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Your customers judge you by your competitors. If you have the best design/user experience you will command the higher price.

The bigger your budget the more competitors try to take you out. If you sell commodity products a penny less in price can swoop 15-20% of your sales and you’ll never know why. Spend at least 30 minutes a day keeping up with your competitors and keep track of how they change prices, their ads and their tactics. Make no mistake they are your enemy and will go to Extraordinary lengths to get rid of competition.

Complication kills. If your product/site/offer/shipping is to complicated you will suffer.

A dollar in seo is worth 100 in paid. Once your concept is proven do everything you can to balance future grown with current revenue needs.

Speak to principals and a mission not prices. It’s much easier for good customers to fall in love with a brands story then their price point. Just look at the guys that sell mushroom tea for 50 bucks.

Discounts are a weapon that should be used to build loyalty. These days many people are trained to watch for the abandoned cart coupon. Beware of the bargain hunter and focus on customers who will keep coming back.

Build a network, a support system, the most difficult problems can be solved with a quick phone call.

Avoid political statements when at all possible, customers can use google and this will cost you many many sales.

I don’t know if these will be helpful but I hope they give you something to think about.

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