any recommendations on where to find a broker to help me sell online?

Hi, i sell TikTok social media accounts, and i need to find a broker to sell it for me. The account is selling for $2000 and ill offer 10% commision (over the average 7% – 9%, and this is $200 in revenue). If there aren't anyone skilled in this profession, any recommendations on where i can find someone? i tried Fiverr but i didn't seem to find anyone with professions in what i'm trying to accomplish. thanks!

NOTE: I don't know if anyone reading this post is interested in the account itself, but if you are, this would DEFINITELY save me some hassle. the account has collected $150 in revenue this past week and on average $100 weekly. It's also insanely active with over 25 million views in the past month. i can send analytics if you'd like through PM.

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