Kickstart or straight to Amazon?

So I’ve been sitting on an idea and product line for about 8 months now. An LLC is formed, supplier found, logo/graphic stuff good to go, pictures about to be taken by a professional and I’m left with a huge gut wrenching feeling.. My main thing (product) cost about 22$ to manufacture, I figure based on other competitors I can sell for around 129$. The biggest mental roadblock I’m having right now is do I spend (on upwards of) 8-10k for an inventory to start on Amazon and just see what happens or do I spend 2-3k on a LEGIT Kickstarter for it? The plus side of the latter is I get to see just how many people actually want it and are willing to pay for it. Also they pay for the inventory! My idea is very unique and could see it doing well given enough exposure. So what would your advice be?

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