The creatives that work the best for different age groups!

Hey guys,

I've started working with clients across various countries, and there are some common themes I've noticed with the type of creatives that work the best.

If you've got your targeting right (which is a tough job as well), I think this can help a lot of people, hopefully. I've found a couple of things depending on various age groups:-

  • 15-20:- This age group is much more likely to make a purchase if an influencer they know is shown in that ad, or if the ad has a relatable factor to it (based on various industries).
  • 20-30:- If the ad shows a "socially cool" factor to using that product, they are much more likely to purchase. For ex:- If your wore this jacket, girls will get attracted to you (or something along those lines).
  • 30-40:- This group is the most simple, yet difficult to crack to. They need a lot of social proof, a lot of re-targeting, a lot of talking about the "benefits" of the product, a lot of offers to purchase, etc.
  • 40 and above:- If you show user-generated content to these people, they are much more likelier to make a purchase, especially if it's a child in the creative.

Obviously I'm generalizing a lot, but this is what I've seen work across all of my Indian, US and other International Clients. And testing is always a way to go, test multiple audiences, variables, copy, creative, different formats, etc… And see what works.

p.s:- It's no secret, but short-form videos work the best through-out the different awareness stages (sometimes long-form if the product is high ticket or the industry demands it).

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