10k email list and 30k social followers. Never done a Black Friday event. Basic suggestions?

Business really blew up this year. Its fashion. Honestly kind of ignored it for a couple years before Covid. We have been so strapped for inventory that we haven’t had a single sale all year so i think things can go well.

What are some ways to promote our bfcm promos? I figure a few emails and posts obviously, but how many posts should i do leading up to it? We typically only post a couple times a week

We’ve gotten some questions asking if we are going to have a sale. One idea i had was to post something along the lines of “to those asking us if we are going to have a Black Friday sale”. With just a gif in response (a “yes!” Or some other celebratory gif)

We finally have inventory. And I’ve finally outsourced fulfillment so i want to put the pedal to the metal

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