Has anyone here limited their subscriptions to only one-year subscriptions or up? What effect did it have?

I'm not in a position to a/b test it at the moment, but I'd appreciate any experiences that you guys had if you tried this out.

Monthly subscriptions seem to mostly last 1-3 months since it's not software and is mainly just information, and then added community.

I'm thinking of making my community the selling point, and then making only 2 options (either a yearly subscription, or a lifetime subscription), and then creating a full course or product that they can get for free after purchasing one of the membership options (1 free package for yearly subscription, or all 3 packages free for lifetime subscription). I have low over-head.

I'm planning on positioning at: as 29.97/month (closed), 197 per year (open), or 497 for life (open).

What were your experiences?

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