Help me hire an E-Comm Manager


Our family business is in the Wholesale B2B market – selling to restaurants. Products range from ingredients, meats, take-out packaging, and even kitchen tools and equipment. We're looking to add an E-commerce line of business which at first would be pick-ups or delivery via our own trucks, and going forward would look at channel based growth or boxed shipments across Canada.

The E-Commerce Manager would have three key phases to their job:

  1. Website Creation – Planning, Design & Execution
  2. Customer Service & Fulfilment
  3. Marketing & Growth

Subordinates would include: Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, CSR, and a Fulfilment Team – all full time.

Platform – Shopify Plus plugged into our SAP B1 ERP.

Few Questions:

  • This role is in Toronto, Ontario – what kind of salary should we expect for such a role?
  • Should this person be more technical or more business focused?
  • What technical skills are a must?
  • What questions should I ask in the interviews?
  • Anything to look out for or guiding stars are appreciated!

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