Any US-based companies selling in Russia? Advice or direction highly appreciated

Hello, I am looking for advice from any US-based companies doing business in Russia.

My company has a strong ecommerce presence here in the US and we are looking to expand internationally.

I am looking for a Russian based service where we can ship our trademarked products and fulfill orders made through our website.

I've been learning about ozon, wildberries, and yandex market. Looks like alibaba/aliexpress will not be an option for a US-based seller.

Does anyone have any resources that they could point me to to help with the process? Or possibly even some keywords that I can use to perform a more fruitful search? I have been googling and looking on this and other relevant subs but cannot seem to find any good input.

Any advice or suggestions highly welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there 🙂

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