Are you really evoking any kind of emotions?

Hey guys,

Before I start, I want to provide a disclaimer that this post is not for the people who have businesses/clients that sell something normal (like dish soap).

Some of our clients sell products that are pretty general, so we don't always use this strategy, but when we get a chance, we do incorporate this strategy in their businesses as well, and it works most of the time.

This is for mainly the businesses that sell CPGs, have an E-Commerce brand, etc.

When you advertise what are you usually trying to do?

Is it just optimisations based on a great "offer"? Or scroll-stopping creative designs? Etc? Which is great, and if you're running ads, you should definitely do these things. Great way to increase your conversions.

But what do you do once they've entered your "world"? When they buy one of your products? Or follow you on social media?

Are you evoking any kind of emotions when they look at your social media? Or go through your website? Or read your e-mails?

Because believe it or not, if you don't bring out emotions within these people, they are not going to stay with you for long.

Now, what type of emotions am I talking about? – Emotions where they feel smart. (Informed) – Where they feel inspired. – Where they feel happy. (Entertained) – Etc

You need to evoke the good emotions within them, either when they look at your posts, or when they use your products (or both).

The more you bring-out these emotions, the more they want that feeling from you and/or your products.

Some tactical ways to bring-out these emotions, with some of the examples we've used with our own clients:-

  • Study industry trends:- Listen to what's happening in your industry, and share it in a way that has a unique voice to it (of your brand). For example:- One of our clients who is in the beauty space wanted to launch a product with "red clay" in it.

Now this ingredient is in a rise within the beauty space, so riding this wave, we started creating content/creatives around the benefits of red clay, which made our audience feel informed about how to take better care of their skin. This resulted in people asking more information about red clay, which helped us get a good no. of conversions when the product was launched.

  • Use trendy culture outside of your industry:- Listen to what's happening around the world, and use that to your advantage. For example:- One of our clients who sells dog grooming products, and has a mascot for their brand is a perfect example for this. When the show "Money Heist" was trending, we used it to create our own version of "Dog Heist" with the use of our client's mascot, and we created a 4 part series of carousel posts with an interesting story. This helped create a good deal of organic shares, and people loved reading it.

So learn what's happening around you, and use it to our advantage in a creative way.

  • Understand their problems:- There's a long list of businesses that go the simple route of "Here's your problem, we have the solution, so buy".

But have you ever tried talking to them about the problems they're facing? If you sell protein shakes, have you ever talked about fat-shaming? If you sell chocolate, have you talked about the emotions we go through after a break-up? If you sell life insurance, have you talked about your customer's fear of leaving their family alone after they die?

Understanding your customer, or in other words, being "authentic" as a brand, has given exponential growth to so many upcoming brands, and I feel we're just getting started, we'll see more of these brands popping up in the coming years.

What's your point Kushal?

My point is, if you want to make customers come back, follow you and talk about you. You need to make them feel something, because if you can't, you are just another logo that sells face wash to them.

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