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Hi All,

I always like to subscribe myself to competitors email lists or just other companies I think are doing well because seeing other peoples ideas is always a great thing to do.

Most of the time whenever I see something I always have a relatively decent idea about how to replicate that.

But I'm not sure how this GIF was made. If anybody has ideas about what service/platform/method that this GIF was made I'd appreciate it.

My first instinct is to think they simply created 8-10 different images with the hand pointing to a different section in each image then combined it to be a moving GIF.

However that would take a little bit of time and manual effort to do.

Services like PLACEIT.NET for example or Canva are great for grabbing a lot of pre-made stuff etc to save time. Super curious how this would be made in an easy way.

Example 1:

Example 2:

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