Trying to improve my ad targeting with new Clothing Brand

First post so if I’m doing it wrong, my apologies.

Me and my buisness partner/designer have just opened up an online apparel store to offer some of our designs that range from dark to very bright and colorful apparel! we just created a video that we plan to use for our Ads, but I wanted to really understand if we have our Targeting working properly.

We have set it to target people who are interested in Anime, EDM, music festivals, gaming, and clothes, but I’m worried we aren’t hitting our audience properly. I’m used to advertising music events and am great at targeting locals in our city but since this is a whole nation wide site, I’m worried my targeting is too narrow.

I have also wondered what are the best sites to advertise on and what others have done to increase brand recognition? I have heard of paying influencers to sponsor our apparel, but I wanted to post here and see what we are doing wrong, if anything.

link to our sales site

If anyone had any suggestions for unique campaigns to bring recognition to our brand, that would be amazing!

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