What would be the best solution to setup my online food delivery business?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on founding an online marketplace for regional produced food. Local farmers should be able to offer their products on the online marketplace at the quantities and prices they want. On the other hand, customers should have the possibility to place individual orders with products from multiple suppliers. The next-day delivery to the customer would also be handled by my company.

Since I will be delivering fresh foods, it is important that the customer will be home during delivery. Therefore my website should have a feature that lets customers choose a delivery time window during the check-out process.

What would be the best technical solution for my business model? Should I hire someone to code it from scratch or will a shop software do the job? I am not sure how customizable Shopify, woocommerce, etc. are and this is a feature that I definetely need.

Looking forward to your replies!

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