Writing about organic Instagram strategy for ecommerce — which of these 3 subjects would be most helpful for you?

Hey guys. I help ecommerce businesses use organic Instagram to find new customers and to increase their lifetime value (I’m not taking new clients at the moment, this is not the purpose of the post).

I think organic IG is underutilized and misunderstood in many ways for ecommerce use. It probably stems from the fact that it’s easy to get wrong and sink endless amounts of time into, without seeing any results that matter. Often you should prioritize getting paid channels in order, but that said, sometimes organic Instagram is what ends up giving the best results.

Anyway, that was my short intro. I’ve written a few articles about organic IG strategy on Medium and my newsletter, and wanted to get some opinions on what—if anything—you guys would see as most helpful of the following topics. This decides what I’ll write about next.

1. Effective cross-promotions to grow your following. Cross-promotions are probably the easiest way to get boosts of traffic or followers, depending how you want to do it.

2. Proper hashtag use to regularly reach a new audience. Every single hashtag guide I’ve read is misleading or just plain bullshit. Using hashtags right is my main way of keeping up constant growth.

3. How to not burn your fingers with influencers. Influencers can still give great results, but it has become more harder to distinguish between people with real influence and those who just happen to be interesting without authority. I’d go deeper into how to choose influencers and what kinds of deals to negotiate with them.

Thanks, appreciate any feedback!

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