Do NOT use STRIPE as a payment processor

If any of you are considering using Stripe as a payment processor, please don’t.

After months of use, they flagged my account and states they could not support the business type and referred me to paymentcloud instead.

I still have funds in my account due to be paid out and they informed me that the funds would be paid out etc.

Well for over a week now the auto-payment date has been delayed daily. I contacted them regarding this and they states it was due to the 5 day transition period.

Well guess what, well and truly past this date and they are not replying to my very many emails. I contacted them via another email address to the same support email in regards to another issue and they got back to me straight away.

Clearly, they are ignoring my emails.

A simple google search brought up hundreds of poor souls who were stuck in my position and never has their funds paid out.

Stripe are thieves and their customer service is horrible, reminds me of an Indian scam company.

Honestly, do not use Stripe. Look elsewhere as they will steal your fund.

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