Buy no pay later options using Wix?

Hi all,

I started my online business repurposing authentic designer accessories into jewelry almost a month ago now. I originally used GoDaddy because it was the easiest to navigate but since have changed platforms to Wix.

My products generally start at $100 so I wanted to give the option of paying in 4 interest-free installments. I spoke to an Afterpay representative & asked if they thought anything would be wrong with my products in order to reject my application, they said it looks fine and it doesn’t seem like my products would be considered high-risk. I got rejected.

Afterpay is the only buy now pay later option I know of that is integrated with Wix at the moment. I’m considering switching to Shopify and trying out affirm but I don’t like Shopify’s templates & love the amount of freedom i have with wix in the way my website looks.

Any suggestions?

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