Has anyone switched from focused on selling to every member of your audience to focusing solely on the core audience and maximizing profits from and services for that group?

I'm thinking of stopping my other money-making methods (merch, books, affiliate links), and just making 3 separate memberships with two offerings: yearly membership and lifetime membership. I'm curious to see anyone who's done something like this because it's one those decisions where it's somewhat irreversible once committed to.

For the people who are members, they're the only prospects that I'll be selling merch, books, or other products to (with discounts), as they're already invested into the movement by having purchased a yearly of lifetime membership. All purchases and exclusive offers will be limited to the 3 "in"-groups (entertainment content membership, the book club membership, or the self-help membership). Yearly membership will be around 197, and lifetime membership will be 497.

I'm also thinking about ramping up the free value for my audience offered in order to pull in more core fans and then to continue creating video content for my entire audience but focusing my approach on solely core fans. The only way I'm considering profiting from casuals is through sponsors in videos.

If anyone attempted this, I'd appreciate your perspective!

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