Here’s how you make people buy more of your products!

Hey guys,

This is a long post, but bear with me, I think this may be helpful if you have a brand that sells online.

Some people would know this, but I still see this with many of our new clients make these mistakes that have an e-commerce brand, and this is leading their potential customers to not buy from them.

So I'm going to talk about some very common points that results in people bouncing-off from your e-commerce website:-

  • Low Image Quality:- If your images are of poor quality or poor design, it will make people think your product/brand is of poor quality. So having quality images and graphics is very important.

  • No/Less Reviews:- Now I know a lot of brands fake their reviews, and that is not the right thing to do, but they do it for a reason. Reviews are what makes people feel safe, they get to know that your products have worked for other and can have a potential benefit to their life as well. So make sure you can get as many reviews as you can on all of your product pages (Genuine Reviews).

  • Vague Description:- Keep your description informative, interesting and easy to understand. It doesn't matter if it's long, because some products should have a long description, it increases their chance of converting. Copy is very important, so make sure you get it right.

  • Bad UI/UX:- If your website is designed poorly, or has a slow loading speed, or is not easy to navigate through, people will drop-off from your website.

  • Add to Cart/Initiate Checkout (Mail Strategy):- Congratulations, you've made people interested in your products through your product page, and now they have added some items to their cart, or even initiated a checkout, but for some reason, they didn't complete their purchase, now what? If they've initiated checkout, and didn't buy, something went wrong, maybe they got busy with something else. But now you have their data, right? So use it to your advantage, and mail them every few hours to remind them of their "forgotten cart", if you do this in a non-spammy way, these people may buy from you. A good rule of thumb that I use for my clients is mailing every 3-4 hours for atleast 2-3 times. If they don't buy from you after that, chances are they are not interested, so stop mailing them, or else they will hate you for spamming them.

  • Shipping Costs and Time:- There's also a chance that they left your Cart/IC page because of your shipping costs/time. Nobody likes to pay extra for shipping, it's a psychological thing, add it to your product price if you have to, but don't make them think they are going to pay extra for shipping. (Either way, you're gonna loose money with your ads if you do not fix this, so realise the LTV of your customer). Also figure out how to decrease your shipping time, because that's a huge factor as well to people dropping off from your checkout page.

  • Less Payment Options:- Provide as many payment options as you can, let them choose how they want to pay. Google Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, etc. Give them everything you can.

  • No cross-selling:- If you've successfully been able to make people buy your products, figure out how to cross-sell more of your products to them. Use fb pixel to re-target them ads, mail them your products, create social media content, use blog if you can, etc. Make them stay connected with you, and then pitch them more of your products.

Some bonus points:-

  • Ask for reviews:- To increase your reviews, send 1/2 e-mails to your buyers after they've received their packages, and ask them to give you a review.

  • Add a video to your product page:- Videos are a great way to hold engagement from people, so along with your product images, add a video as well in the end of it.

  • Integrate everything:- Keep your brand in sync with all the elements of your business. Your marketing, your content, your social media dms, your website, your e-mails, etc.

  • Use Automation when you're ready:- When you've started getting good sales and people have started interacting with your brand across various channels, start using automation tools wherever you can. To send your e-mails, to reply your dms, etc. Make things easier with automation tools, if/when you're able to afford them.

Thanks for reading guys, these are some of the things we do to help our clients improve their conversion rate, would love to know your thoughts on this, and what have you done to improve your sales?

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