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Hey guys, first post on this sub, first serious attempt at an online business. My buddy and I started selling art prints, shirts etc. He's the artist and I'm the guy who's in over his head (the website and commerce guy). My question is, do you guys think doing PayPal only is going to negatively affect our store?

The reason for this is that I'm Aussie and he's US, but we live in Japan. Neither of us have a Japanese credit card and he's having issues with his US bank. So for now, I've set it up that we receive payments in USD via PayPal and I use my AU credit card to pay for orders to be processed. Once cleared, I leverage TransferWise to reimburse my card.

He's talking with a different bank now, so there might be a way to wrap this up nicely. But if not, should we go fully Aussie dollar and register the business in Australia, or do you guys think it looks better in USD, even with only a single payment method?

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