First Sale Story

Hi everyone, this just happened a few minutes ago so I thought I would share.

Everyone talks about the feeling of your first sale and how they will never forget the moment. So far I agree.

My store was supposed to launch 2 weeks ago but with product sampling delays I had to push it back. Well, today, it still wasn't 100% ready but I decided to nut up and just go live and announce to my Instagram followers that I now had a store.

Right after posting, I had around 20 people on the site immediately, at first I was shaking. I'm not even comfortable with filling out orders on my site yet and everything that goes along with that.

Probably from the nerves and coffee, I had to go to the bathroom immediately. So I went, sat down, played with my phone on the toilet, and then bam! I get an email confirmation of my first order while squatting on the toilet.

My eyes went wide because at first, I didn't believe it. It was someone I did not know. A completely random person ordered something from my store! I was sooo happy! Then I proceeded to finish my business and then it hit me.

I will always remember that my first sale came through while I was mid-poop. I am not sure if I will come to regret this at some point, but I could never be upset at my first sale.

TLDR; First store sale came through while I was mid-poop. They say you never forget your first sale.

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